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Exists Algorithm

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So, I need to clear some basics for Exists Algorithm.

This is what I know so far.

∀x1 ∀x2. ϕ

e becomes x1 & x2. Then I will negate the ϕ (!(ϕ)) as the algorithm is for Exists.

Do we also have to change the Apply parameter from OR to AND?

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By definition, we have

  • $\exists x. \varphi :\equiv [\varphi]_x^1 \vee [\varphi]_x^0$
  • $\forall x. \varphi :\equiv [\varphi]_x^1 \wedge [\varphi]_x^0$

By this, it is not difficult to see that

  • $\neg\exists x. \varphi \Leftrightarrow \neg([\varphi]_x^1 \vee [\varphi]_x^0) \Leftrightarrow \neg[\varphi]_x^1 \wedge \neg[\varphi]_x^0\Leftrightarrow[\neg\varphi]_x^1 \wedge[\neg\varphi]_x^0 \Leftrightarrow \forall x. \neg\varphi$


  • $\exists x. \varphi \Leftrightarrow \neg\forall x. \neg\varphi$
  • $\forall x. \varphi \Leftrightarrow \neg\exists x. \neg\varphi$

These equivalences remain all valid if quantification is done on more than one variable. The latter explains how you can reduce the universal quantification to the existential one, and for the existential one, you know how to do it, right?

And a direct answer to your question about replacing OR with AND in the call to APPLY in the algorithm: Yes, that is what will happen there, if you will directly implement Forall as a BDD algorithm.

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So, first I negate the given phi. Then while solving the algorithm, I replace OR with AND. The confusion is do we have to do both the steps or only step will suffice?

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You only do one of the two, i.e., either use Exists with $\neg\varphi$ and negate its result, or use a direct implementation of the Forall algorithm that you obtain essentially by replacing the OR by AND. But I would have to check is further changes are done in Forall (e.g. in the base cases).

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